Law Offices of CHARLES D. ALLEN, Esq. - JUSTICE FOR ALL...we are as street fighters in the courtroom,
Don't Let The Law Work Against You, Make It Work For Your Success.
We are the Lawyer's, Lawyers and would like to be yours?
We are trouble shooters for society. Where there is trouble or a problem we are called upon to find the just and fair solution. Justice is what all parties deserve and fairness is the process or path to Justice For All.
We have extensive experience and stick with our core competencies. In todays environment, we have increased our client's potential to be successful. We will help you navigate this climate by striking out in new territory. Our business growth strategy uses proficient and provocative decision making principles. This assures that decisions are made at the appropriate level, based on the best data and will reduce risk.  We can design a step-by-step, cost-effective Retainer Agreement for you.
We can help turn your challenges into opportunities: 
  • Professional and Innovative Counsel :(State, Federal & Agency)
  • Immense experience(Since 1977) without an immense price
  • Short-term and long-term assistance
  • Probate Estate, Wills, Trust and Asset Management
  • Criminal Defense and Juvenile Justice
Whether it's business, family or pleasure we'll investigate the facts with you, we will provide a professional opinion for  you and help you  make an informed choice of how to proceed with a resolution.. We will counsel you or be your legal representative. working for you and Justice is our goal.
Local references available.
Call us today for a FREE initial phone consultation!
U. S. Constitution guarantees your right to remain silent DON'T GIVE  IT AWAY BY ANSWERING QUESTIONS THAT WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU IN COURT
Did you know the POLICE can legally Lie to you to get you to talk or to Incriminate yourself? DON'T LET THEM REMAIN
SILENT until you call our 24/7 Arrest Hotline!
Respectfully, tell the Police: "Officer,  I Would like to speak with my  Lawyer before I answer any questions, I am willing to cooperate upon the advice of my Attorney."
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